Pavlo Artemenko

Madison, CT

I'm a full-stack software engineer currently based in Madison, Connecticut, with experience in JavaScript/Node.js, React/Redux, Ruby, AWS, Docker, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.

Most recently, I built Bastion, an open-source Backend-as-a-Service integrating with AWS.

Backend-as-a-Service Solution

Read Bastion Case Study Watch the Presentation

Other Projects


A kanban board productivity application for organizing and managing tasks.

Built with React/Redux, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

Request Pool

RequestBin clone for inspecting and debugging webhooks and HTTP requests.

Built with Node.js/Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Webhooks

Shopping Cart

An interactive store for managing inventory and checkout.

Built with React/Redux, Node.js/Express, MongoDB, HTML/CSS

Let's Connect!

I am looking for my next opportunity! Please get in touch if you think I would be a good fit for your team.